Welcome to Three Courts

These guidelines are provided to help us all live harmoniously and comply with the terms of our lease, which is the legal agreement by which we all have to abide. In order to create a friendly and respectful environment, please familiarise yourself with the following communal rules, keep them for reference and share them with anyone who may live in your flat.

Building and Decoration work in flats

So that we can all enjoy Three Courts peacefully, works may be carried out within flats between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday only. No work is to be carried out at weekends or on bank holidays.

Floor protection must be laid in all communal areas to protect the carpets. It is the responsibility of the residents to ensure that their workmen clean the communal areas at the end of each working day. All debris must be removed from the Estate promptly. 

At no time must debris, equipment or tools be allowed to impede access to the lifts or staircases. Entrances and fire doors must not be propped open. Where a refuse skip or other container is required, prior arrangement is to be made with the Estate Manager so that a suitable location may be found. The skip must be covered at the end of each working day and should be removed from the Estate at the earliest opportunity. No rubbish or materials may be stored outside a flat or in the communal areas. Building contractors are responsible for removing waste building material from the Estate. Such waste must not be dumped in the bin area or in stairwells. Please refer to our website for more information.


Audio equipment and musical instruments must not be played or any noise created, in such a manner as to cause annoyance or nuisance to the occupants of neighbouring flats. No noise is to be audible outside your flat between 11pm and 8am.

There must be no use of electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers or tumble driers between 11pm and 8am. 

Flats must have carpets with suitable underlay fitted throughout, apart from in the bathrooms and kitchens. Hard floor coverings are prohibited in all but those two areas unless a suitable acoustic underlay is in place. If disproportionate noise is reported, you may be asked to add carpet.

Garden and Pool

The communal gardens are there for all our enjoyment.

Small children and guests should not be left unsupervised in these areas. Please show consideration to other residents by keeping noise to a minimum. Due to space and safety issues, ball games, skateboards, pets and individual BBQs are prohibited.

Bike racks are available for residents in the garden. Note that properties are left at the owner’s risk. Residents will be informed in advance of the bike culls organised throughout the year, which aim to keep the rack areas tidy.

Residents are requested to follow the rules for the pool and BBQ area which are displayed on our main notice boards, on the website and by the back door of eachbuilding. The BBQ area can be booked with the Estate Manager during his normal working hours (8am-4pm Monday to Friday).


For reasons of safety and courtesy to others please do not shake items such as rugs out of the windows. Hanging clothes, washing or other articles so as to be visible outside the flat is also not permitted.

Cable TV

Access to the roof being prohibited, residents are not allowed to install new satellite dishes or aerials on the walls or roofs of the buildings. Please refer to the Estate Manager for further information.

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

We encourage all residents at Three Courts to take their own rubbish to the bin andrecycling area between Belgrave and Beaumont Court (between 9am and 9pm to minimise noise nuisance). Otherwise there is a refuse collection each morning between 8 and 830am, extended to 9am on weekends. This service is provided for general everyday rubbish only, for those who find it difficult to take out their rubbish. Please ensure that rubbish is put out for collection in secure bags that are tied closed. Take care that there are no leaks in the bag, which could damage the carpet. Cardboard boxes should not be put out for refuse collection, but flattened and taken to the cardboard recycling bins.

Rubbish should be put out for collection before 8am. It must NOT be put out for collection the night before nor be left outside a flat if the collection time has been missed. This is a health and safety hazard which attracts vermin and it is unpleasant for people coming into the blocks to be met with the sight and smell of rubbish bags.

The bin area is for the disposal of domestic waste only. Bulky, electrical items and furniture must be taken to a recycling plant. The closest one is on Stirling Road, W3.

There is provision in the bin area for you to separate and recycle domestic waste as follows:

1. Flattened cardboard, newspapers, magazines and paper
2. Glass (bottles etc.)
3. Aluminium and cans
4. Plastic packaging (excluding plastic bags, recyclable at large supermarkets)

There is a separate provision for food waste provided by a rocket composter in the rear garden. Instructions are above the pellet bin, next to the composter.


There are no parking facilities within the Estate although there is a provision for limited contractors parking (at owner’s risk) in the garage road behind Three Courts. Under no circumstance should garage doors be obstructed. Please refer to our website and the Estate Manager for the rules of this facility.

Notice Boards

Please keep an eye out for news on the Notice Board in the hall of your block. This is where Estate information is conveyed or updated.

Security and Safety

Please be mindful of security. Don’t give access to anyone you do not know or cannot vouch for, especially when you enter or leave the building, or via the entry phone system. The back gates codes should never be shared with non-residents.

No items should be left in the communal areas or by the fire escapes.

Fire Safety

Please read and familiarise yourself with the contents of the Fire Safety Policy which is posted on the notice Boards at the front of each block. This will be updated from time to time as legislation changes and all residents will be notified. A copy can be obtained from the Estate Manager.

Delivery of parcels

If a resident is not expecting to be home when a parcel for their attention is due to be delivered, they should look for alternative options, such as lockers or collection facilities locally. The Estate staff may not be available to receive deliveries on behalf of residents, considering their many other duties.

Board of Directors

If you have any positive ideas for the improvement of the Estate, please pass them onto the Directors.

The Board is elected annually from shareholders of the Estate and is responsible for appointing the managing agents, directing them on the day to day management of Three Courts, setting service charge budget etc. The Directors may, as appropriate, draw up regulations for the Estate and its facilities in order to maximise the residents’ enjoyment of the Estate. If you are interested in finding out more about the role of the directors, to please contact

 [email protected]

An annual general meeting is held in the autumn, to which all shareholders and residents are warmly welcome, although only shareholders have a right to vote.

Useful Contacts

Resident Estate Manager

Tel: 07791 028 232

Faraday Property Management

Tel: 0203 206 0066


Board of Directors

[email protected]