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Faraday Property Management (FPM) is retained as Property Manager and Building Surveyor by the Landlord, BBB Courts Ltd, known as Three Courts. In addition to protecting the interests of our Client and the fabric of the building, we also wish to look after the interests of the Lessee of the property in question, as well as safeguard the welfare of neighbours. To support and protect all that may be affected by works, these rules and regulations have been written and we expect your strict adherence to these. Where we are able to assist in the smooth progress of your works, we will provide guidance and support. By now, you or your contractor will have approached Faraday for Landlord’s consent to carry out work to the apartment. If a Licence to Alter is required, an FPM surveyor will be appointed to oversee the work. Even if it is deemed by Faraday that a Licence to Alter is not required, the provisions contained in this document remain applicable and are enforceable. ALL work must be carried out and completed strictly in accordance with plans and specifications you have supplied, which have subsequently been approved and any Licence granted. They are to be completed in a substantial, sound, and workmanlike manner with new, sound and proper materials to the entire satisfaction of Faraday and/or engineers, and/or other advisers and in accordance with the requirements of all statutory, local and other requisite authorities. Copies of all Completion Certificates and an as-built plan drawing should be forwarded to Faraday on completion of work. In order to ensure the minimum amount of disruption and disturbance to fellow residents at Three Courts as a result of building work being undertaken within apartments, Lessees and their contractors are required to adhere to the regulations set out below.


Contractors must comply with the following working regulations. A copy of this document must be signed by the appointed contractor and returned to the Three Courts resident manager and copied to Faraday Property Management prior to any work commencing on site.


1. Building works can only be carried out Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. No drilling, hammering or grinding work, where noise reverberates through the building, can be carried out within the property before 9am. Weekend working and working on public holidays is not permitted.

2. The contractor must provide complete information of work being carried out, labour on site and contact numbers in case of emergency.

3. Removed building materials should be placed within suitable rubble bags to protect the common parts and removed daily, never deposited in the bin disposal or garage area.

4. All common parts areas should be protected with appropriate adhesive, non-slip, plastic, dust sheets where building traffic is involved and thereafter cleaned and vacuumed at the end of each day prior to any contractor leaving the site. Contractors are to supply their own cleaning equipment. The sheets must be removed on Friday when work stops and renewed on the following Monday when work restarts after the weekend.

5. Contractors are responsible for any damage caused to the common parts of the building, including carpets, walls, ceilings, doors, lift, stairs, etc. Contractors must demonstrate that they have adequate Third Party Public Liability insurance to cover any eventualities for repair of damage caused and must cover all subcontractors. This is normally at a minimum requirement of £2,000,000. Such certification must be provided to Faraday prior to any work commencing.

6. Neither Faraday nor Three Courts will be responsible for the security of any part of the contractor’s areas, plant or machinery. 

7. The contractor must ensure that the site is maintained at a high standard throughout the contract and therefore continual monitoring of dust and debris should be carried out.

8. Admission to the flat should be controlled by the contractor’s site manager or site foreman and a daily log of attendees to the flat must be kept.

9. The site foreman is encouraged to liaise with the resident manager on a regular basis to discuss any site issues or neighbourly concerns.

10. The resident manager must be informed of all major deliveries at least 24 hours in advance.Materials/Waste.

11. All building materials and waste are to be removed by the builder/contractor from site and should on no account be stored or dumped at any time either within the common parts or on the access paths, courtyards, bin store, garage areas or pavements outside the buildings.

12. No materials are to be stored outside the flat. No heavy equipment may be transported via the lifts.

13. No skips are to be positioned on site without prior approval and will not be permitted on site over weekends. Locations are to be agreed with the resident manager in advance.


14. The contractor is on no account permitted to tamper with the door entry system. Only a Three Courts’ contractor can carry out any adjustment or alteration to the system in question. No responsibility is held by Three Courts for any repairs that thereafter become required through tampering with the existing door entry system.

15. On no account should any alterations be carried out to the soil or waste pipework arrangements. Where any such alterations are proposed, a full Licence for Alterations must be applied for.

16. All existing kitchen and bathroom vent systems are to be retained. Where any such alterations are proposed, a full Licence for Alterations must be applied for.

17. Unless internal overflow cisterns are installed, all bathroom cistern overflows must be vented externally. Where any such alterations are proposed, a full Licence forAlterations must be applied for.

18. In respect of gas installations, a Gas Safety Certificate is to be issued on completion of work.

19. In respect of electrical installations, only qualified and certified electricians are allowed to carry out any such alterations and an NICEIC certificate provided upon completion.

20. On no account should any tampering or alterations be carried out to the structural walls or supports. Where any such alterations are proposed, a full Licence for Alterations must be applied for.


21. All contractors and their workforce must be suitably attired while working at ThreeCourts and on no account should workmen be inappropriately dressed while onsite.

22. The contractor shall ensure that their operatives remain fully clothed throughout the contract and are at all times respectful of the residents and public on the estate; shouting, noisy radios and foul language will not be tolerated.

23. Moreover, all workmen should demonstrate a helpful and courteous manner with residents while on site.

24. The contractor must ensure that their operatives keep to the confines of the working site.

25. Faraday expects that the contractor will provide close liaison with all parties in order to maintain good relationships with other residents.


26. Should the work exceed the initial agreed period for completion, Lessees must submit another application for an extension of the works time period. This must be sent in advance to Faraday and if approved a new Licence will be drawn up.


27. The resident manager has authority to enforce the above regulations and should contractors not adhere to the regulations, they will have the authority to request that the contractors be removed from site if necessary. These requirements can be legally enforced.

28. Once an application has been approved by Faraday Property Management Ltd on behalf of BBB Courts Ltd, an obligation exists for the Lessee to ensure that neighbours are notified of the proposed works. Where notification has not been provided to fellow residents, BBB Courts Ltd reserve the right to deny access to carry out the work until an approved application and the necessary written notification to other residents has been provided.

A paper copy of this document should be signed: 


I/we confirm that I/we agree to abide by the Working Regulations set out above in respect of the proposed works at …………………………….…………..(property address).Signed…………………………………………………………………………….Print Name………………………………………………………………………Company (if completed by contractor on behalf of Lessee)……………………………………………………………………………………….