Use of Gardens and Swimming Pool

Use of Gardens

The gardens are for the exclusive use of the residents, as an extension to their homes. Use by the General Public is strictly forbidden. Guests must be accompanied by a resident. Please ensure that the back gates and doors are kept shut at all times. Please do not give out the code for back gate to non-residents.

General Behaviour

Under the terms of the lease, items should not be left out in the communal areas, residents should not do anything that causes annoyance to other residents and, no activity should be allowed that may cause injury to other residents. Please clear away children’s toys or items of furniture etc after use and please keep noise levels to a minimum.

Number of Guests

The Board requests that when inviting guests you take into consideration the impact it may have on other residents. Large groups outside window can cause disturbance and noise levels should be kept to a reasonable level at all times.

Ball Games

Ball games may not be played in the gardens except by children under the age of 5 under adult supervision.


Children must be supervised at all times to ensure they do not disturb other residents and that noise levels are not excessive. The safety of your children is your responsibility. The communal gardens are not suitable for hosting children’s parties due to the inevitable noise disturbance caused. The Board ask that no children are allowed to play in the garden before 9am and that the general noise level is kept to a minimum after 9pm


Do not smoke close to the building as smoke can drift into open windows. Please be considerate and dispose of cigarette butts and litter properly, by putting them in a bin. DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the floor, in hedges or on the lawns etc – they are spoiling our home.


All BBQs must be booked through the Estate Manager, who will explain the rules of use on booking.

The continued use of this community facility is dependent on you and your guests showing consideration for other residents by observing a few simple rules:

1. The Resident responsible for the booking must be present at all times.

2. No music, singing or similar activity is allowed – sound travels.

3. Ball games are not permitted in the inner gardens due to space and safety issues.

4. Please ensure that everyone present is aware of the close proximity to private dwellings and that noise is kept to a minimum level. The buildings amplify voices!

5. The area should be cleared by no later than 22.30 hours.

6. The number of guests should be no more than 10 non-residents.

7. The BBQ is attended at all times when alight.

8. If your guests use the pool they follow the rules as displayed.

9. The BBQ area is cleaned after use and that all refuse is bagged and removed.

10. Do not use the recycling or refuse bins after 9pm or before 9am. A reminder that refuse can be placed in the wire trolley or blue bin located between Beaumont and Belgrave other than during the above quiet period for adjacent flats. 

Please leave the area as you would wish to find it. Be aware that a charge may be levied for cleaning the area in circumstances where due care and consideration is not given to other residents and BBQ users. This also could result in you jeopardising future use of this facility.


No animals, except guide dogs, may be brought into the garden area.

Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

1. Permitted Users – The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of residents, their families and friends. Use by members of the general public is strictly prohibited. Visitors must be accompanied by a resident.

2. Opening Hours – The swimming pool is open from each day (between May & September) from 8:00 hrs until 21:00 hrs Monday to Friday and 9:00 hrs until 21:00 hrs at weekends and on Bank Holidays. Use of the pool outside of these hours is strictly forbidden.

3. Food, drink & smoking – Smoking and the consumption of food and alcohol in the pool area is strictly forbidden.

4. Bottles and Glass – No bottles or glasses may be brought into the pool area.

5. Animals – Animals, excepting guide dogs, may not be brought into the garden area.

6. Games – No ball games or other games may be played in the swimming pool or surrounds.

7. Inflatable Items – No inflatable items (with the exception of children’s water wings) or model boats, etc. may be taken into the swimming pool.

8. Children – Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

9. Running – Running is prohibited in the pool area.

10. Diving – Diving into the pool is dangerous and is not permitted.

11. Bombing – Bombing and jumping into the pool is prohibited.

12. Safety & Equipment – You are reminded that use of the pool is at your own risk. All pool users should make themselves aware of how to use the safety equipment that is provided in the pool area.

13. Emergency – In the event of an emergency in the pool area, telephone the Resident Manager and the emergency services immediately.