Residents Handbook

A Guide to Services, Facilities and Procedures

About Three Courts

BBB Courts Ltd (BBB) governs the Estate and owns the Freehold of the grounds and the blocks. BBB is owned and run by flat owners on the Estate.

The day-to-day running of the Estate is carried out by a Managing Agent appointed by BBB and the Resident Estate Manager and Assistant Manager.

The Estate’s 138 units are a mixture of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom Flats. 

BBB acquired the freehold of the Estate in 2013. Details of this acquisition and how it affects flat owners can be found in Appendix 1 of this document.

The Management Office

Your initial point of contact regarding the day-to-day running of the block is either the Resident Manager or the Assistant Manager. When the Resident Manager is off-site, arrangements are made for another member of the team to be available.

The Management Office is located in the Basement of Beverley Court 

The opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm.

Telephone: 07791028232

Communal Facilities

General Rubbish

Three Courts is valued by its residents for being clean and litter-free. Please help maintain the beauty of this environment: for the safety of everyone, do not throw cigarette ends or any other object from any window and do not leave rubbish outside your front door, other than at the times stated below.

General Household Rubbish

Household refuse must be bagged and placed in the refuse bins situated between Belgrave and Beaumont Courts.  If you are unable to deliver your rubbish to the bin, due to age or illness, it will be collected from outside your flat, provided your rubbish is placed in a black refuse sack and left outside your flat between the hours of 6am and 9am. Large item removal needs to be arranged through the Local Authority at your own cost. Please do not leave rubbish in the garage area as this encourages fly tipping.

Recycling bins are situated in the gardens of the blocks.   These may be used between 9am and 9pm. Additional recycling centres are available nearby. The closest is at Sainsbury’s supermarket car park

BBQ / Gardens

All residents can enjoy the communal areas of the estate, including the swimming pool and barbecue area. 

All barbecues must be booked through the Management Office. The full rules for use of this area are set out on the booking form. 

Please do not play music in the garden. Ball games should not be played in the grounds, except by supervised children under five years old.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of residents, their families and friends. Use by the general public is strictly prohibited. Visitors must be accompanied by a resident. The swimming pool is open each day (between May & September) from 08:00hrs until 21:00hrs Monday to Friday and from 9:00hrs until 21:00hrs at weekends and on bank holidays. For the full rules and regulations relating to the swimming pool please refer to Appendix 3

Satellite dishes and television reception

Each flat has a provision to be connected to Virgin Cable services. You should contact Virgin Media direct to arrange a connection to the service.

Parking / Garden Access

If you are not renting a garage, you have no right to bring your car into the garage area.

The garages are owned and rented out by Freshwater. All enquiries should be directed to: The Freshwater Group of Companies, Freshwater House, 158-162 Shaftesbury Avenue, London. WC2R 8HR. Tel: 0207 602 6611.

 For entry via the garden please contact the Resident Manager for the code – Do not release this number to anyone as people tend to abuse its use during the summer when the pool is open.

Parcel Holding

Small parcels can be accepted by the Management Office when available if you are out when an attempted delivery is made. Large items such as kitchen units, white goods and furniture cannot be accepted.  All parcels must be addressed to your property; personal parcels addressed to the Management Office will not be accepted. Whilst every care will be taken to look after your parcels, BBB cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. If a parcel is taken in, and signed for as necessary, by the on-site staff, they will attempt to deliver it either early in the morning or in the evening. If you are out when the on-site staff attempt delivery, they will put a note through the door so that you can arrange a suitable collection time.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycles should be stored inside your flat or locked in allocated storage areas that are located in the garden. Under no circumstances should bicycles be stored in the communal hallways or on the rear fire escapes.


The Company places great emphasis on the quality of its communications with residents. 

Estate-wide meetings: 

The Annual General Meeting of the Company is usually held in the autumn each year. Following the formal part of the meeting, the Company holds an informal meeting to report on issues of Estate-wide interest. 

Notice Boards: 

Notice boards are located in the entrance to each Block. It is recommended that Residents’ check here for updates on what is happening within the blocks. The notice boards can also be used for Three Courts community information and residents’ adverts which are placed / governed by the Estate Manager. 


There is a website for all things relating to the running of the Estate – Much of the information in this handbook can also be found on the website.


Set out below are details of the services that you can expect. Observations regarding the services should be made in the first instance to the Management office.


Cleaning covers of all communal areas on the Estate and is carried out by the on-site Team.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Communal landings and stairs, communal doors, light fittings, balustrades, handrails, skirtings, ledges are cleaned & disinfected once per week.

  • Lifts are cleaned daily

  • Bins are checked & rotated as necessary every day.

  • The bin areas are swept, washed & disinfected weekly.

  • Light fittings are cleaned monthly or as & when bulbs are replaced.

  • Additional “emergency” cleaning is carried out as & when necessary.

  • Sweeping of the external communal areas.


The communal gardens are also maintained by the in-house team. The grass is cut approx. every week during the summer and roses/shrubs pruned seasonally as required.

Communal Heating & Hot Water

Heating and Hot Water is supplied to all properties from a central boiler house. BBB is responsible for all parts of the heating system until it reaches the isolation valves in your property.

Flat owners are responsible for maintenance of in-flat controls (thermostats) and pipe work. Working in-flat controls and effective insulation ensure that gas bills for the Estate – which are paid for from service charge or passed on to tenants through their rent – are kept as low as possible. 

Radiator replacement should be undertaken in the summer months when the heating is turned off. However, if there is a need for them to be replaced during the winter months there will be a charge for an engineer to attend site. You must not add extra radiators to the system and any replacement must be like-for-like.

The main stopcocks can be found in the boiler room. In your flat, the cold water mains stopcock can be found under the sink in the kitchen. The cold water stopcock for the hand basin and toilet is either behind the toilet or under the bath and the hot water stopcock can be found in one of the small cupboards in your hallway.

Between May and October, BBB turn off the heating supply as per the terms of the lease.

Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are available for rental by residents. For further information please contact the Resident Manager who will be able to advise on availability.


BBB is responsible for insuring the structural fabric of the Estate. The building insurance is paid for through the service charge account.  It is the residents’ responsibility to arrange their own contents insurance policy.

The following perils are included under the ‘buildings’ cover:

  • Fire

  • Lightning

  • Aircraft

  • Explosion

  • Earthquake

  • Riot/civil commotion

  • Storm / flood

  • Burst pipes or tanks

  • Impact

  • Subsidence

  • Theft damage

  • Accidental damage

  • Terrorism

The ‘buildings’ cover includes, not only the communal elements such as the structure, exterior, services and installations of the block for which BBB is responsible, but also certain internal elements of individual properties, which are the responsibility of owners to maintain.  Examples include:

  • Plaster to walls and ceilings

  • Fitted kitchens

  • Decorations

  • Internal doors

  • Baths

The insurance cover may not meet all the costs of repair in cases, for example, of wear and tear, or of deliberate or unreasonably careless damage.

The cover will, however, normally apply to alterations and improvements undertaken, provided that written permission (normally licence consent) has been obtained.  However, the policy does not cover fittings that have been upgraded to a luxurious standard.  In such cases, owners are advised to arrange with their own insurers to include the improvements under an alternative policy.

Under the current policy there is an excess of £2500 in respect of all claims. Any reasonable claims under this limit will, therefore, be borne by the Block or Estate service charge, as appropriate.

The insurance cover does include damage caused by the actions of another owner – but only to the extent of damage caused to the structure of the building, or other elements covered by the building insurance.  Damage caused to personal belongings, regardless of the cause of the damage, must be claimed by way of the resident’s contents insurance.

Where unreasonable damage, caused by an individual occupier, would otherwise be borne by the service charge, then a recharge of costs incurred will be made to the owner – for example, in respect of water damage caused by a washing machine or bath overflowing.

Making a Claim

BBB, or its appointed Managing Agent, will make an initial judgement as to whether it is appropriate to submit an insurance claim or whether works and/or reimbursement should be undertaken locally.

BBB, or its appointed Managing Agent, will specify and approve all reinstatement works undertaken.  If owners wish to undertake repair work themselves, they must submit, in advance to the Management Office, estimates for the costs of materials, plus reasonable costs of labour.

Works should not be undertaken until BBB, its Managing Agent or the insurers have given written permission. 

In some cases, the insurers will appoint a Loss Adjuster to inspect the damage.  Any repairs initiated prior to receiving formal confirmation may jeopardise a claim.

Contents Insurance

BBB insurance policy does not cover personal belongings against any loss or damage.  It will not be possible, therefore, to claim successfully on the building insurance for items such as, damage to furniture or carpets regardless of the cause of damage.  The only exception, as outlined below, is where it can be proved that the damage was caused by an act of negligence.

Public Liability

BBB has a legal duty to meet claims for accidental loss, damage or injury where fault can be attributed.  To make a successful claim, a claimant will need to prove that:

  • the Company owed a duty,

  • the Company was in breach of that duty, and

  • the claimant has suffered loss or damage as a direct result.

Contractors Insurance

All contractors working for BBB are required to be fully insured, through their own Public Liability insurance, against claims brought against them where they might be at fault.  A claim may be made where any damage is caused by an act of negligence by the contractor for example:

  • where damage is caused to a part of the building that is maintained by an owner or occupier or to their personal belongings, or 

  • where damage or personal injury is caused to an owner or a resident or to a third party visiting the property.

Any claim should be made to the contractor, in writing, at the earliest opportunity, with a copy to the Management Office.  Damaged articles should not be repaired, replaced or disposed of until the contractor or her / his insurance company has given written permission for such action.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, BBB operates an “Evacuate” policy. It is imperative that you read and familiarise yourself with the contents of the Fire Safety Policy (please see the Fire Policy link on Resident Info page on the website).

BBB is responsible for maintaining all communal fire equipment.  In-property it is recommended that mains or battery operated smoke detectors are fitted.  The London Fire Brigade carries out home fire safety checks and will also install smoke alarms where needed.

Contact: [email protected]


The lifts are for passenger use only. Please ensure that all clothing is clear of the car doors before pressing the floor button.

Repairs and Maintenance

BBB is responsible for the Maintenance of all communal areas of the Estate and Blocks and external structures / Swimming Pool.

All Maintenance / Repair issues are dealt with according to their urgency, with priority being given to safety, essential services, building structures and aesthetics. 

In Flat Repairs / Alterations

Generally, all in-property repairs are the responsibility of the owner. BBB actively ensures that all owners comply with their repairing liabilities under the Lease, as far as is reasonably practicable. 

Structural alterations (e.g. changes to the layout such s moving walls and / or doors etc) require an application to be made in writing to the Managing Agent, with copies of the relevant plans. The Managing Agent will advise you of what the requirements are. There is an application fee of £350 + VAT.

Non-structural alterations (e.g. the installation of a new kitchen and / or bathroom etc.) should also be notified to the Managing Agent, and you will be required to sign a copy of the rules and regulations.

Your contractor should identify himself / herself to the Resident Manager at the beginning of the works.

Internal Drainage Pipework

To avoid blockage that occurs in the pipe work running to the communal stack, please do not put items such as sanitary towels, baby wipes or dental floss down the toilets/drains.  All in-property drainage leading to the communal stack – for example, sink wastes and washing machines  – are the responsibility of the flat owner.  However, on occasions where the blockage is caused by ‘backing up’ from a blocked communal stack BBB will investigate and take the appropriate action.

Emergency Repairs

Where there is potential for damage to occur to other properties, BBB will initially respond.  If, following inspection, the cause is identified as being the responsibility of the flat owner a charge will be raised for any emergency repairs.

Pipe Overflows

It is the responsibility of property owners and tenants to ensure that overflows (such as, a toilet cistern overflow) are dealt with promptly.  In the event of an overflow being identified as faulty, the resident and/or the property owner will be notified and prompt repair is expected.  In persistent cases emergency access may be considered necessary. 


It is the responsibility of the property owners to ensure that any gas appliances provided within the property are serviced, as needed, by a Gas Safe registered contractor and for an annual Gas Safety Certificate to be provided in the case of rented flats.

Community Living

Noise Nuisance

We live in a small community, and BBB aims to work with residents to continually improve the quality of life for everyone on the Estate.  Please avoid any shouting, singing or playing of any musical instrument, radio, TV or sound system which could be heard outside your property.    

Particular care should be taken to avoid unreasonable noise when the windows are open during the summer months. Where noise nuisance is reported and substantiated, BBB Courts Ltd will take appropriate actions to endeavour to secure its abatement.


No bird, dog or other animal, if kept, may be permitted to cause annoyance to a resident in another property.  All pets must be kept under control at all times. Any unreasonable behaviour, which occurs from the keeping of a pet, including the failure to clean up after it, may result in appropriate enforcement being taken. No dogs are allowed in the rear garden or on the front lawn.

Use of Property

Your flat must not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose or for anything else which is an annoyance or nuisance to your neighbours.

Communal Areas

In the interest of security, please always arrange for your guests to arrive at the front door and do not open the front door to anyone who is not known to you.

Please ensure that the main front door closes after you.

In the interest of safety, no bicycles, furniture, door mats or other items should be stored in the corridors or on the rear fire escapes.

It is illegal to smoke in the internal common areas, including the lifts.


Windows should be regularly cleaned, inside and out.  No notices should be displayed in the windows of the property and washing must not be hung in the windows. Windows must at all times be covered with suitable curtains/ blinds. (No sheets, blankets, paper, black bin liners or foil etc).


To avoid unnecessary noise for your neighbours, floors must be covered with carpet and underlay except for kitchen or bathrooms which may be covered with other suitable materials.


Rights and obligations

BBB (as the Lessor) has no direct legal relationship with you as a Tenant or your Landlord’s Managing Agent.   

Your Landlord will have issued to you directly or via their Managing Agent, a tenancy agreement, which must reflect the terms of their lease with BBB. 

Accordingly, Landlords are responsible for the actions of their Tenants and for their compliance with the requirements of the Lease.

Repairs and Improvements

Day to day repairs

Your Landlord / Managing Agent will know where responsibility lies for repairs to the flat you are renting and is responsible for maintaining the interior of the property.

Emergency Repairs

If an emergency repair is required you must contact your Landlord or Managing Agent in the first instance.  If the problem cannot be remedied and / or other properties are affected, contact the Resident Manager on 07791 028 232.  In the event of a major emergency (e.g. a serious flood) please dial 999.   


It is the responsibility of your Landlord to ensure that all gas appliances provided by your landlord are serviced, as needed, by a Gas Safe registered contractor, and for an annual Gas Safety Certificate to be provided to you.