A Guide to Fire Safety

Fire Safety
In the event of a fire, BBB operates an “Evacuate” policy. It is imperative that you read and familiarise yourself with the contents of the Fire Safety Policy below. 

Action on discovery of fire

Sound the alarm by breaking the nearest break glass points that can be found in every corridor.

If you are trained, and competent and it is safe to do so, you may attempt to tackle a small fire with a fire extinguisher. You may also need to do so if a fire is blocking your escape route. 

If you have not already done so, after leaving the building, call the fire brigade immediately on 999 and inform them that there is a fire at Three Courts, Wellesley Road W4 4LE.

Action after hearing the fire alarm

Leave the building by the nearest fire exit, using the stairs, and close all doors behind you.

Do not use the lift, or stop to collect items or pets, or return to your flat.

Report to the fire assembly point in Turnham Green Park, using your nearest available exit.

Please beware of emergency vehicles, do not obstruct access, do not re-enter the building until the fire brigade has advised that it is safe to do so and do not put yourself at risk!

Stay put flats/disabled persons

If it is safe to do so, assist people with disabilities to evacuate the building as necessary.

If you have a disability and it is safe to remain in your flat, or you are unable to evacuate, notify the emergency services of the fire by calling 999 and advising your flat number. Wait near an accessible external window until the emergency services arrive. Keep all doors closed, block the bottom of them to prevent smoke from spreading and open the window to call for attention. It is probably safer to evacuate, if you are able to do so, than to stay put.

BBB is responsible for maintaining all communal fire equipment.  In-property it is recommended that mains or battery-operated smoke detectors are fitted.  The London Fire Brigade carries out home fire safety checks and will also install smoke alarms where needed.

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