Using your Ridan Composter

All food can be composted in a Ridan, but remember, drain off excess fluids, cut up big chunks and avoid all but small bones. Fruit, veg, greens and veg prep compost most easily, meats and dough take longer to digest, much like our own digestive systems, so a mixed diet is important.

For the food waste to compost (not rot) you must also add plenty of wood (sawdust, wood chip or wood pellets) and mix everything with air by turning the handle plenty. 

All of these foods can go in….. 

  • Dairy, cheese, butter, eggs including the shells. 
  • Fruit and Veg (including skins and trimmings) 
  • Meat (raw and cooked) 
  • Fish (raw and cooked) 
  • Bread 
  • Salads 
  • Pasta, Rice 
  • Manure (including rabbit & guinea pig droppings, not cat litter) 
  • Plate scrapings, anything edible. 
  • Tea, teabags and coffee grounds. 

Not packaging, plastic, metal, cardboard or paper.

Two golden rules to ensure success.

  1. Always add plenty of wood, this will keep it running hot and stop bad smells.

  2. Always turn the handle plenty to mix well and to empty out some compost keeping the level down to the mark.